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Category Archives: Opioid Lawsuit


Oklahoma AG Announces $270 Million Opioid Settlement with Purdue Pharma

By Fox & Farley |

The U.S. legal system continues to deal with the fallout of the opioid crisis. It seems like every day there is another lawsuit filed, either by an individual victim or a government agency seeking to recuperate the costs of treating thousands of victims. And while opioid producers and distributors continue to maintain they have… Read More »

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Ohio Judge Allows Opioid Lawsuit Against Insys to Proceed

By Fox & Farley |

The continuing opioid crisis raises a number of complicated legal issues. Every state, including Tennessee, has strict product liability laws. But prescription drugs, which include many popular opioids, are also subject to federal regulation. So what happens when an victim seeks to hold opioid manufacturers responsible under state laws that may conflict with federal… Read More »

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