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Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer
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Knoxville Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

The Volunteer State’s first capital was settled in 1796, making it one of the oldest cities in the Tennessee Valley. Like other large cities, Knoxville fell on hard times around 1930. Many of the city’s roads, bridges, intersections, and other such items were built in the 1980s, when a long-term revitalization began. Older infrastructure usually means narrow sidewalks, wide vehicle lanes, and other pedestrian-unfriendly features. As a result, the number of pedestrian accidents in Knoxville has increased significantly over the years.

An experienced Knoxville pedestrian accident lawyer at Fox Farley Willis & Burnette, Attorneys at Law haven’t been around since 1796. But we have been around a long time, and we have handled more than our share of pedestrian accidents. Over the years, we have developed proven methods which help us obtain life-changing results. No one can turn back the clock and reverse a pedestrian injury. Nevertheless, our team works hard to help ensure that life after a serious accident is more livable.

Pedestrian Injuries

Most pedestrian accidents happen outside marked crosswalks and in non-intersections. As a result, the tortfeasor (negligent driver) is often traveling at or near top speed at the moment of the accident. The high-speed collision usually causes injuries like:

  • Broken Bones: Usually, the force of a wreck throws pedestrian victims through the air. When they land hard, they usually shatter many of their bones. Doctors must use highly invasive tactics, like metal implants, to reconstruct these bones. As a result, subsequent physical therapy sessions are more grueling and progress is slower.
  • Head Injuries: The trauma impact is not the only cause of a head injury in pedestrian accident claims. The fall itself could cause such wounds. During a fall and a landing, the brain hits the skull. Many people feel a very mild form of this effect when they pace the floor. Imagine what a serious accident and a serious fall does to the human brain. Usually, head injuries are permanent.
  • Exsanguination: Excessive bleeding is often the official cause of death in a pedestrian injury claim. Internal bleeding is often the main culprit. Such bleeding is hard to detect and even harder to stop. In fact, by the time victims arrive at hospitals, they’ve often already lost about a fifth of their blood supplies.

These extensive injuries sound very expensive to treat, and they are very costly. These added expenses hit victims and their families when they are most vulnerable. Our Knoxville pedestrian accident lawyers ease this financial pain by arranging for top physicians to treat victims at no initial cost.

Compensation Available

Medical and other accident-related bills must be paid eventually. We firmly believe that accident victims should never have to pay these costs out of their own pockets. Therefore, we obtain compensation for medical bills and other economic losses, such as lost wages and damaged or destroyed property.

Frequently, compensation for economic losses is little more than a stopgap. This compensation keeps things from getting worse, but it does nothing to help these victims move past the accident emotionally. So, the law also allows these victims to obtain compensation for their pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment in life, emotional distress, loss of consortium (companionship), and other noneconomic losses. Basically, accident victims deserve to be in the same position they had before the accident.

Count on a Dedicated Knox County Lawyer

Injury victims are usually entitled to substantial compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced Knoxville pedestrian accident lawyer, contact Fox Farley Willis & Burnette, Attorneys at Law by going online or calling 865-500-HURT. You have a limited amount of time to act.

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