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Verdicts & Settlements

Whether you are in Knoxville, Anderson County, or anywhere else throughout Tennessee or beyond, depend on an accident lawyer from Fox and Farley and look forward to results. These are some of the products liability, trucking, motorcycle, auto accident, nursing home, workers compensation, and wrongful death cases in which they have triumphed for clients like you. Call them soon.

Products Liability

  • Federal District Court – $800,000
  • Jury verdict against manufacturer of industrial sealant and adhesive for women who developed debilitating contact dermatitis while working on assembly line.
  • Federal District Court – Confidential settlement
  • Wrongful death of a minor child killed when involved in a car wreck due to a defective rear seat belt in the General Motors sedan the child was occupying.
  • Federal District Court – Confidential settlement
  • Wrongful death caused in a rollover crash when the General Motors vehicle’s roof collapsed due to defective pillars.
  • Federal District Court – $264,637:
  • Non-lethal heart attack caused by taking prescription anti-inflammatory medication Vioxx. The case was brought in the Eastern District of Tennessee, but removed by the Federal multidistrict litigation panel to New Orleans. Fox and Farley participated in a global settlement worth $1.3 billion.
  • Federal District Court – $547,819
  • Non-lethal stroke caused by taking medications fenfluramine and phentermine (“fen phen”) manufactured by pharmaceutical company American Home Products. The medication cocktail was marketed off label by AHP for for weight loss. The medications Fox and Farley participated in a global settlement worth $3.75 billion.
  • Pending products liability actions:
  • Multiple lawsuits in New Jersey state court and Federal District Court regarding injuries caused by defective transvaginal mesh products used in surgery to correct pelvic and bladder prolapse.
  • Multiple lawsuits in Federal District Court and California state court regarding injuries caused by defective hip replacement systems, manufactured by DePuy.
  • Wrongful death lawsuit in Federal District Court from crash of Toyota vehicle due to sudden acceleration problem.
  • Lawsuit in Federal District Court for injuries caused during surgery by the da Vinci robotic surgical system.
  • Lawsuit in Federal District Court for injuries caused by defective knee replacement system manufactured by Stryker.

Premises Liability

  • Pigeon Forge, Sevier County, TN
  • North Carolina woman shopping at outlet mall, tripped over large trailer hitch on pick up truck that had been backed in over the sidewalk by Florida driver. Injury to shoulder requiring surgery. Case settled for policy limits.
  • Logan County, West Virginia – $947,400
  • Wrongful death action against owners of motel in Logan, West Virginia after a deadly fire. The motel did not have adequate fire protection or alarm systems, in violation of the fire code, and the client died before he could escape when a fire broke out and swept through the motel. Settled at mediation for the maximum insurance policy limits.

Trucking accidents

  • Anderson County, Tennessee-$1,600,000
  • Multiple leg and arm fractures and head injury to man struck head-on by a Flowers Baking Company truck while he drove to work.
  • Arkansas-$1,000,000
  • Wrongful death of college student on Interstate I-40 in Arkansas. A tractor trailer hauling scrap lumber improperly secured the load and a piece of scrap lumber flew off the trailer. The load came through her windshield and penetrated her chest.
  • I-75, Tennessee-$775,000
  • Interstate I-75 trucking accident, when tractor and trailer driver on methamphetamines struck cement truck in the rear, causing both trucks to overturn on the
  • Interstate. Injuries to dump truck driver’s knee, shoulder, and back.
  • U.S. District Court-$700,000
  • Wrongful death case when a tractor trailer driver who had been driving overnight without required rest time, ran a red light outside of Bean Station, Tennessee, striking 65-year-old man broad side, resulting in death.
  • Campbell County, Tennessee-$500,000
  • Logging truck ran off roadway striking the plaintiff, who was sitting at a stop sign waiting to pull on the four lane road. Plaintiff’s left arm was amputated below the elbow and he suffered multiple other injuries including a head injury.
  • Case settled for policy limits of $500,000
  • Roane County, Tennessee-U.S. District Court- $980,000
  • Wrongful death case. A dump truck driver, who was late for work, crossed the centerline and struck a carpenter head on.
  • Case settled at mediationfor policy limits.
  • Campbell County, Tennessee – $650,000
  • Minor child and his sister hit head on by a lumber truck causing a head injury developing into a seizure disorder in the minor child and neck injury to the sister. The case settled at mediation.
  • Anderson County, Tennessee – $250,000
  • Tractor Trailer ran a red light and broadsided our client, a high school student, causing a moderate head injury and significant fracture of his lower leg. Case settled at mediation.

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Motorcycle accidents

  • Knox County, Tennessee-$2,300,000
  • Motorcyclist lost his left leg after motorist struck him broad side on Middlebrook Road in Knox County, Tennessee. Plaintiff was a security guard at Oak Ridge Department of Energy facilities. The defendant left the scene after striking the plaintiff, but was found by police the next day.
  • Case was settled for $2,300,000 representing policy limits of the defendant
  • Knox County, Tennessee-$1,000,000
  • Death of young man who was test driving a motorcycle owned by a motorcycle dealer. He was about to turn into the motorcycle dealership when he was rear ended by an uninsured pick up truck.
  • Case settled for uninsured motorists policy limits of $1,000,000
  • Knox County, Tennessee-$300,000
  • Dump truck driver struck motorcyclist on Callahan Road resulting in left shoulder and right elbow fractures.
  • Case settled for $300,000
  • Hamilton County, Tennessee-$225,000
  • Motorcycle accident where husband and wife were riding a motorcycle that struck the rear of a tractor trailer on I-75 in Chattanooga that had stopped suddenly for no apparent reason. Both riders suffered multiple fractures.
  • Case settled for $225,000 in mediation
  • Anderson County, Tennessee-$95,000
  • Motorcycle accident in which the rider suffered mouth injury with broken teeth, bilateral hand fractures and right side chest injury.
  • Case settled for $95,000, policy limits of $100,000

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Auto Accidents

  • Anderson County, TN jury verdict 635,000
  • Car wreck/Dram Shop Claim
  • Intoxicated employee left company Christmas party and struck family head on. The mother suffered multiple fractures to her leg and knee, the husband a bone bruise to the knee, and a fourteen year old son suffered multiple rib fractures and an ankle fracture. After a two day trial, the jury returned a verdict for all plaintiffs totaling $635,000.
  • Gatlinburg, Sevier County, TN
  • Oklahoma resident was struck by female driver from North Carolina while crossing street in cross walk. She suffered pelvic fracture; case was settled for policy limits of $250,000.
  • Gatlinburg, Sevier County, TN
  • Georgia resident riding bicycle on street in Gatlinburg struck by camping trailer being towed behind large pick up truck. Cyclist was knocked to the ground where he suffered closed head injury. Case settled for confidential amount.
  • Anderson County, Tennessee – $128,000
  • T-bone collision where plaintiff suffered a severe head injury.
  • Case settled for $128,000
  • Anderson County, Tennessee – $120,000
  • Head on collision where plaintiff suffered injuries to his right knee and also suffered a back injury.
  • Case settled for $120,000
  • Anderson County, Tennessee – $153,526
  • Rear end collision where Plaintiff suffered injuries to his neck, right shoulder and metal injuries to his eyes.
  • Settled in mediation for $153,526
  • Anderson County, Tennessee – $385,000
  • Man and wife injured in rear end collision where they both suffered broken bones, chest, and neck injuries.
  • Settled in mediation for $385,000
  • Knox County, Tennessee – $90,000
  • Plaintiff was involved in a head on collision wherein defendant was a drunk driver. Plaintiff sustained injuries to left shoulder, hip, elbow, neck and back injuries.
  • Settled for $90,000
  • Knox County, Tennessee – $150,000
  • Head on collision wherein Plaintiff suffered a fracture to her left knee and injuries to her left foot and left ankle.
  • Settled for $150,000
  • Roane County, Tennessee – $200,000
  • Head on collision which resulted in the death of one Plaintiff and the other Plaintiff having abdominal injuries and psychological injuries regarding the death of the other Plaintiff.
  • Settled for $200,000
  • Anderson County, Tennessee – $100,000
  • Plaintiff was T-boned when defendant ran a stop sign and she suffered a cervical fracture, contusions to the head and injuries to her left hand.
  • Settled for $100,000
  • State of Virginia – $100,000
  • Plaintiff was rear ended and injured his shoulder and neck.
  • Settled for $100,000
  • Knox County, Tennessee – $100,000
  • One car accident where the plaintiff was a passenger and sustained lung contusions, head and neck injuries, and a foot fracture.
  • Settled for $100,000
  • Knox County, Tennessee – $100,000
  • T-Bone collision with Plaintiff sustained a right elbow fracture and right wrist, arm and shoulder injuries.
  • Settled for $100,000
  • Anderson County, Tennessee – $250,000
  • Plaintiff was killed when struck by a car.
  • Settled for $250,000
  • Knox County, Tennessee – $140,900
  • Plaintiff had a motor vehicle accident while working and suffered a neck injury.
  • Settled for $140,900
  • Campbell County, Tennessee – $126,470
  • Plaintiff had a motor vehicle accident while working as a truck driver and suffered neck, back and shoulder injuries.
  • Settled for $126,470
  • Claiborne County, Tennessee – $128,841
  • Father, mother and child struck by defendant turning in front of them with child suffering minor brain injury, mother injured her left leg, left ankle and left foot, and father suffering chest pains.
  • Settled in mediation for $128,841
  • Monroe County, Tennessee – $100,000
  • Defendant turned in front of Plaintiff with Plaintiff suffering left shoulder, neck and left knee injuries.
  • Settled for $100,000
  • Anderson County, Tennessee – $975,000
  • Head on collision resulting in death of Plainiff.
  • Settled in mediation for $975,000
  • Roane County, Tennessee – $100,000
  • Defendant turned in front of Plaintiff and Plaintiff injured her neck, right shoulder, sternum, collarbone and right knee
  • Settled for $100,000
  • Roane County, Tennessee – $80,000
  • Plaintiff was on a bicycle and hit by a car. He fractured his left hand, had multiple abrasions, and injured his left hip and had neck pain.
  • Settled in mediation for $80,000
  • Knox County, Tennessee – $125,000
  • Defendant ran a red light and hit Plaintiff injuring her head, her left leg, fractured ribs, and fractured foot.
  • Settled for $125,000
  • Morgan County, Tennessee $175,000
  • Plaintiff was involved in a motor vehicle accident with injuries to her back, shoulders, right hip, neck and injuries to her eyes.
  • Settled at mediation for $175,000

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Nursing home neglect

  • Settlement for 33-year old female, home health care patient, who developed pressure sores, infection and death.
  • Settlement of $685,000
  • Nursing home resident who fell off the toilet and suffered head injury that resulted in his death.
  • Settlement of $212,500
  • Settlement for death of nursing home patient who suffered from malnutrition, pressure sores, and numerous infections that resulted in death.
  • Settlement of $150,000

Workers compensation

  • $250,000
  • Sheriff’s deputy injured while restraining prisoner. Suffered neck, back, and psychological injuries.
  • $217,436
  • Employee developed bilateral foot spurs and tarsal tunnel syndrome.
  • $200,000
  • Workers compensation settlement for truck driver who injured back while unloading tractor and trailer.
  • $200,000
  • Workers compensation judgment for truck driver injured in motor vehicle accident.
  • $186,000
  • Employee at TVA Steam plant developed lung disease.
  • $176,748
  • Worker injured back while lifting generator into back of van.
  • $176,273
  • Factory worker turned to put a down tool down and injured his back.
  • $160,411
  • Hospital worker injured while lifting obese patient. Low back injury.
  • $155,000
  • Pest control employee suffered injury to right leg, which developed into pyoderma gangrenous.
  • $150,000
  • Construction worker suffered fatal heart attack on the job.
  • $150,000
  • Factory worker suffered injury to head and face when steel door fell on his head.
  • $141,000
  • Guard injured in an on the job motor vehicle accident.
  • $140,900
  • DOE guard injured in motor vehicle accident while on the job.
  • $140,000
  • County employee injured low back while lifting trash bags into Dumpster.
  • $131,951
  • Employee fell causing injury to right knee and fracture of right elbow.
  • $130,000
  • Back injury for factory worker in Clinton, Tennessee.
  • $127,000
  • Warehouse worker injured back when lifting two-gallon water bottles.
  • $126,470
  • Concrete truck driver who suffered neck and back injury from interstate accident.
  • $121,330
  • Printing press operator developed lung disease and hearing loss.
  • $120,000
  • Factory worker with both arms crushed in steel roller.
  • $120,000
  • State inspector developed hearing loss and lung disease.
  • $120,000
  • Hospital employee injured back while pulling trash out of can.
  • $116,000
  • Plumber fell off ladder while insulating pipe. Fractured right foot and injured low back.
  • $115,000
  • Factory worker with back injury.
  • $113,919
  • Factory worker slipped and injured his neck, right shoulder and back.
  • $110,000
  • Hospital employee lifted pan of surgical instruments, causing injury to back.
  • $110,000
  • Insurance employee fell at Cracker Barrel while attending business meeting. Knee and back injury.
  • $108,000
  • Truck driver injured while lifting brake drums and tires. Left leg and back injury.
  • $104,500
  • Roofing employee fell off roof and fractured right ankle.
  • $101,000
  • Employee injured leg when he stepped on crack between concrete slabs.
  • $100,474
  • Bilateral carpal tunnel.

Wrongful Death

  • Townsend, Blount County, TN
  • Wrongful death claim pending for Georgia man struck by car, driven by seventeen year old teenager, while walking his dog on the side of the road in Townsend, TN.
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