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Knoxville Bus & Trolley Accident Lawyer

Largely because of comparative fault and other common insurance company defenses, most vehicle collision claims are quite complex. Multi-passenger claims, like bus and trolley accident claims, are almost infinitely more complex. Usually, the victims are from different counties. So, these cases usually have jurisdiction and venue issues. Additionally, if the negligent driver was a government employee, as is often the case, a legal action has additional issues.

A diligent Knoxville bus/trolley accident lawyer at Fox Farley Willis & Burnette, Attorneys at Law work hard to overcome these legal hurdles, and others like them, that could get in the way of your right to fair compensation for your serious injuries. This compensation usually includes money for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering. Because of our expertise and the way we thoroughly prepare cases, we are usually able to settle negligence claims out of court, and on victim-friendly terms.

Vehicle Collision Injuries

Bus accidents are notorious for their serious injuries. These vehicles ride very high, so when they topple over, the results are usually tragic. Additionally, buses don’t have air bags or shoulder belts. Usually, they don’t even have lap belts. Some of these serious injuries include:

  • Internal Injuries: As bus and trolley passengers are tossed around during a crash, their internal organs bump and grind against each other. These organs have no protective skin layers. As a result, even a slight abrasion could cause profuse bleeding. As a result, many victims are on the edge of hypovolemic shock by the time emergency responders arrive.
  • Broken Bones: This same violent force often crushes and shatters bones. The damage is so severe that doctors often must use metal parts, like plates and rods, to reconstruct these bones. Because surgery is so aggressive, physical therapy is much more extensive. All this treatment sounds expensive, and it is expensive.
  • Head Injuries: Following a familiar theme, the motion of a wreck often causes the brain to repeatedly slam against the inside of the skull. The multiple impacts usually cause brain bleeding and swelling. The blood often collects between the scalp and skull, pressing the skull inward. Meanwhile, the brain swells, pressing against the skull from the inside. Radical brain surgery is usually the only option in these situations.

Due to the extent of these injuries, the average injury-related hospital bill is over $55,000. To help relieve the financial as well as medical pressure, Knoxville bus/trolley accident lawyers usually connect victims with top doctors who provide capable assistance without charging anything upfront.

Liability Issues

Negligent drivers are usually responsible for these wrecks. Driver error causes about 98 percent of the vehicle collisions in Tennessee. Financial responsibility, however, is usually a different matter.

Normally, the driver’s employer is financially responsible for injury-related damages. The respondeat superior rule applies if the tortfeasor (negligent driver) was:

  • An employee
  • Who was working within the course and scope of employment.

Tennessee law defines all these key terms in broad, victim-friendly terms. For example, pretty much any driver, including an unpaid volunteer, is an “employee” for negligence purposes.

If the tortfeasor was a public employee, like a city bus driver, the sovereign immunity doctrine could apply. An attorney must find a way around this roadblock. Additionally, these victims must normally file notices of claim before they file legal actions. A notice of claim gives a city, county, or other government entity a chance to settle a claim quietly before it goes to court and becomes public record.

Contact an Understanding Knox County Lawyer

Injury victims are usually entitled to substantial compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced Knoxville bus/trolley accident lawyer, contact Fox Farley Willis & Burnette Attorneys at Law by going online or calling 865-500-HURT. Attorneys can connect victims with doctors, even if they have no insurance or money.


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