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Tag Archives: Knoxville Hernia Mesh Lawyer


Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson Over PROLENE Hernia Mesh

By John Willis |

Personal injury claims involving defective medical devices are often difficult for plaintiffs because they are themselves not experts. Many patients simply accept whatever medical advice they are given and do not fully understand exactly what devices–or brands–are being implanted in their bodies. Of course when it comes to filing a lawsuit, it is critical… Read More »

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Louisiana Judge Allows Plaintiff to Pursue “Failure to Warn” Claim Against Hernia Mesh Manufacturer

By Brad Burnette |

Patients who are injured by a defective medical device may have multiple grounds for seeking damages against the negligent manufacturer. For example, there may have been a defect in the production of the specific device you received, or there may be a more general flaw in the overall design. Your doctor may also not… Read More »

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New Lawsuit Alleges Complications From Use of Polypropylene-based Hernia Mesh

By Brad Burnette |

Thousands of Tennessee residents require hernia repair surgeries every year. Surgical mesh is a common medical device used in such procedures to provide support for weakened or damaged tissue around the hernia. This mesh is made from either animal tissue or synthetic compounds, and the latter can remain in the body indefinitely as a… Read More »

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