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Tag Archives: Tennessee Truck Accidents


Is a Company Liable for an Accident Caused by an “Independent Contractor”?

By John Willis |

It is fairly well established in Tennessee law that an employer is vicariously liable for a car accident caused by an employee within the scope of his employment. But the same rule does not typically apply to independent contractors. And in many cases, it may not be immediately apparent which category a negligent driver… Read More »

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Do I Need to Preserve My Wrecked Car or Truck Following an Accident?

By John Willis |

When you hire a personal injury lawyer following a car or truck accident, one of the first things they typically will do is send a letter to the person you intend to sue, requesting they preserve any potential evidence they may have related to the crash itself. Of course, as the potential plaintiff, you… Read More »

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The Challenges of Bringing a Personal Injury Claim When You Do Not Have All the Facts

By Brad Burnette |

Commercial truck accidents are often the scariest type of motor vehicle crash. When a tractor-trailer crashes it may roll over, causing damage to other multiple other vehicles. Given the dangers that these vehicles pose, it is important that drivers operate them in a safe and legal manner. Tennessee Court Reinstates Tractor Trailer Accident Lawsuit… Read More »

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Establishing “Vicarious Liability” for a Tennessee Truck Accident

By John Willis |

Determining who is responsible in a personal injury case is not always obvious. If you are in a car accident, for example, you certainly want to hold the negligent driver accountable. But if that driver was operating a vehicle owned by her employer, and she was performing a work-related task at the time of… Read More »

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Do I Really Need to Call an Attorney Following a Truck Accident?

By John Willis |

Many people think they do not need a lawyer following a car accident. This often proves to be a serious error in judgment. Too many accident victims try to deal with the other driver and their insurance company on their own. And the results are often disastrous. Truck Accident Victim Tries to Undo $215… Read More »

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