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Tag Archives: Tennessee Prescription Drug Litigation Lawyer


West Virginia Judge Refuses to Toss Pradaxa Lawsuit

By Brad Burnette |

Even when a drug is approved as safe and effective for sale in the United States, manufacturers must still take steps to ensure their products are accurately labeled. This includes disclosing any known potential side effects or contraindications that would make the drug dangerous–even fatal–for certain patients and treatment situations. Unfortunately, far too many… Read More »

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New York Court Allows Pradaxa-related Malpractice Lawsuit to Proceed

By Brad Burnette |

Defective drug injuries are often difficult to diagnose. After all, most of us do not have advanced medical degrees. We rely on doctors to tell us when there is something wrong and identify the potential causes. And when a doctor’s misdiagnosis or malpractice further compounds the problem, he or she may be liable for… Read More »

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Five Major Opioid Manufacturers Face Lawsuit Over Addiction Crisis

By John Willis |

Opioid addiction has quickly become one of the most significant threats to public health in Tennessee. An April 2016 article in The Tennessean cited estimates from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control that found approximately 1 in 6 Tennessee residents–over 1 million people–were “in various stages of misuse, abuse, and treatment” related to opioids…. Read More »

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