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Tag Archives: Nursing Home Neglect

Can a Nursing Home Employee Be Fired for Responding to a Claim of Abuse or Neglect?

By Brad Burnette |

Nursing home abuse and neglect is a serious problem in Tennessee. Victims are often unable to stand up for themselves, and even when family members complain, nursing homes may take little or no action. And based on a recent decision by the Tennessee Court of Appeals, nursing home employees who try to protect patients… Read More »

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Report: Nursing Home Workers Illegally Posting Photos of Residents Online

By John Willis |

Nursing homes are supposed to care for our loved ones in a professional and dignified manner. Unfortunately, there are many cases of nursing home abuse, which often go undiscovered until it’s too late. And one of the more bizarre forms of abuse to come to light in recent weeks is the exploitation of nursing… Read More »

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Arbitration Clauses Can Keep Nursing Home Abuse Cases Out of Court

By John Willis |

Many elderly persons in Tennessee are victims of nursing home abuse or neglect. In some cases, negligence on the part of nursing home personnel may contribute to a patient’s injury or death. That is why if you are responsible for making an elderly relative’s health care decisions, you need to be aware of the… Read More »

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