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Tag Archives: Johnson & Johnson


N.J. Jury Orders Johnson & Johnson to Pay $117 Million Over Cancer Connected to Talcum Powder

By Brad Burnette |

Johnson & Johnson has been under fire in court, and in the press, over allegations that its popular baby powder causes ovarian cancer in women. Baby powder contains talc, a soft mineral that absorbs moisture and oils. Johnson & Johnson has marketed talcum powder since the 19th century as a cosmetic product. In particular,… Read More »

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Third St. Louis Jury Finds Link Between Talcum Powder, Ovarian Cancer

By Brad Burnette |

Although Johnson & Johnson continues to deny that there is any connection between the use of its talcum powder and ovarian cancer, a third jury in St. Louis, Missouri, has disagreed and awarded a multi-million product liability judgment to a plaintiff who alleged such a link. Jury Awards $65M in Punitive Damages to Stage… Read More »

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Do Talcum Powder Manufacturers Have a “Duty to Warn” Women About Ovarian Cancer Risks?

By John Willis |

For several decades scientists have been researching the link between women’s use of talcum powder and ovarian cancer. While government regulatory agencies have yet to declare such a link exists, that has not prevented juries in states like South Dakota and Missouri from holding the manufacturers of talcum powder—notably Johnson & Johnson, the world’s… Read More »

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