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Tag Archives: Auto Accident Injuries


Memphis Liable for Car Accident Caused by Police Officer

By Brad Burnette |

After a car accident, a negligent driver may offer all sorts of excuses to avoid responsibility. The driver may try and blame the victim or argue there was a “sudden emergency” that justified their reckless actions. But without evidence, such excuses will not hold up in court–even when they are made by a police… Read More »

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How Does a “Household Exclusion” in My Car Insurance Policy Work?

By John Willis |

Many Tennessee auto insurance policies contain language known as a “household exclusion” or “family exclusion.” The purpose of such language is to prevent a person from seeking insurance benefits following a car accident caused by another household or family member. In theory, this prevents “collusion” among family members who might seek double-recovery under two… Read More »

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What Constitutes “Negligence” In a Tennessee Car Accident?

By Brad Burnette |

If you are injured in a car accident, you might assume that the driver is legally responsible just because he or she admitted hitting you with their vehicle. But under Tennessee law, negligence requires more than this. A successful personal injury claim has several elements, each of which must be satisfied in order for… Read More »

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