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Workplace accidents can cause serious injuries in Tennessee

Some jobs are more dangerous than others, but a person can easily become injured in any position for a variety of reasons. For instance, either a piece of equipment or machinery malfunctions or the worker lets his or her guard down and ends up suffering from an unexpected accident, such as a slip or catastrophic fall. In this situation, the person in Tennessee may worry about recovering from the physical injuries as well as being able to survive financially as a result of such workplace accidents.

In a recent out-of-state situation, one worker suffered injuries following a flash fire. The incident took place at a facility where white pumice is extracted and refined. The fire was quick but dangerous and stemmed from a small leak.

The leak occurred in a particular vaporizer that changes the liquid form of propane into a vapor form. It happened because a safety valve came loose. The man was the only one of his crew of three employees to get injured in the accident. He suffered second-degree burns and was transported to the hospital.

When a worker is injured in Tennessee, this can be devastating not only to the employee but also to his or her family. After all, the family members are the ones who have to care for the injured individual, and they also may depend on him or her financially. Workers’ compensation is helpful in situations involving workplace accidents, allowing a person to claim financial benefits and get the medical treatments he or she needs. The injured worker has the right to seek to get all of the benefits due to him or her in our state.

Source: kboi2.com, “Idaho plant worker injured in flash fire”, , April 19, 2014

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