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Workers’ compensation can help following construction accidents

A construction worker in Tennessee normally strives to be extra careful when working in high places. After all, just one slip can result in serious injuries or even a death. Unfortunately, in a recent work accident, one worker was injured on a construction work site. However, he will likely be able to take advantage of workers’ compensation insurance benefits, which should help financially cover him during the unexpected ordeal.

In this out-of-state case, the man was working on a housing project. He suddenly plummeted three stories while performing work on the building. The man was 29 years old.

He was on a balcony at the work site and fell during the morning hours. He was taken by helicopter to the hospital and was listed in stable condition there. Authorities were unsure of the cause of the incident, but they said the man fell in a muddy area, which reduced the severity of his injuries.

It is a requirement in Tennessee for most employers to buy workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance has three main benefits; first, it helps to cover an injured employee’s lost wages and ensures that he or she receives the required medical treatments for an on-the-job injury or illness. In addition, the worker can typically get the benefits no matter who was at fault in the situation. Third, the employer doesn’t have to worry about being sued by the worker, as the law bars these claims in most circumstances. Those who are hurt on the job certainly have the right to seek the workers’ compensation benefits that apply to their particular circumstances.

Source: greenfieldreporter.com, “Construction worker injured in 3-story fall from balcony at central NY housing project site”, , April 1, 2014

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