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Work accidents can cause serious injuries in construction field

Sometimes, a person’s day at a construction job site goes swimmingly in Tennessee. Other times, the individual might have one of his or her worst days, particularly if they get injured on the job. Work accidents can be frightening for both the worker and his or her family members, who may depend on the employee’s ability to work to earn money. One individual in another state is in this scenario following a fall at a home construction site.

The worker fell from some scaffolding and ended up in a pool that was under construction. The accident occurred during the early afternoon hours on a recent Thursday. A local fire department received the report of the employee’s fall.

The employee reportedly fell while using a certain shotcrete hose in order to develop the swimming pool’s sides by using a cement mixture. Police, fire and emergency responders were able to stabilize the fallen worker. They addressed the man’s immediate injuries at the construction site.

The man was taken to a medical center to be further evaluated. His injuries fortunately were not life-threatening. A representative of the federal administration responsible for safety in the workplace went to the scene to investigate the matter. Even though it may be discouraging to learn that one cannot work due to a workplace injury, the fact that companies in our state must purchase workers’ compensation insurance coverage can be encouraging. Victims of work accidents in Tennessee may rightfully pursue the compensation they deserve and need in order to get back on their feet in as timely a manner as possible.

Source: The Westport Daily Voice, “Worker Injured In Fall Into Under-Construction Pool In Westport”, , May 2, 2014

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