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What Would A Crash Proof Human Body Actually Look Like?


Are our bodies made to withstand car accidents? Well, we get injured in them, so we know that’s not the case. But how unequipped is human biology and physiology to withstand the forces of a car accident? What would our bodies have to look like, evolve into, or mutate to, in order to truly be “crash proof?”

Researchers Create Mutated Mock Human

Researchers in Australia wanted to find out. They wanted to see what adaptations the human body would have to undergo in order to truly withstand the forces of a car accident, and then compare those mutations or alterations to our actual bodies, to see just how ineffective our current anatomy is, when it comes to protecting us against the forces of a car accident.

They called this mutated hypothetical human, Graham.

Graham’s Head and Face

The researchers started with the head. Graham’s head is enormous—way larger than our heads. This is because it is filled with fluid filled sacs, all designed to provide a cushion around our brains. Given our brain’s tendency to concuss, and the commonality of traumatic brain injury, it was clear that more padding around the brain was needed.

The head is also surrounded by layers of fat, much like other parts of our bodies are, again to provide additional protection to our brains.

Graham’s face is striking, because it is virtually flat. There is no nose that protrudes out, and Graham’s eyes are sunk all the way into his skull, providing even more protection.

The Neck, or Lack Thereof

Of course, the human neck is always vulnerable in a car accident. Graham’s creators could come up with not a single, viable, hypothetical solution, to protect the neck in a car accident. So, Graham has no neck. His ribs attach directly to the skull.

That’s right—researchers found the only way to truly protect the human neck in a car accident would be not to have one at all.

Ribs and Legs

Although our ribs provide some protection to our organs, they don’t provide nearly enough. Graham’s ribs are surrounded by sacs, similar to airbags, and cushioned with fat, giving his midsection a deformed, distended look.

Even Graham’s legs and feet have been mutated, as the “ideal” crash proof human body would also have to withstand being hit as a pedestrian. Graham’s legs and feet are shaped like horses, and in a way that Graham can spring and hop, allowing him to quickly jump out of the way of a moving car.

Who is Graham?

You can see Graham himself at http://www.meetgraham.com.au/view-graham. Graham is, of course, just a thought experiment. But he is intended to be so dramatically different from our bodies today, that he reminds us of just how frail and unequipped our bodies are, to withstand car accidents.

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