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Tag Archives: Unsafe Premises


TN Hospital Not Liable for Defective Door That Injured 71-Year-Old Patient

By Brad Burnette |

When you walk into any kind of public facility, such as a store or even a government office, you have the right to expect the premises are in a reasonably safe condition. Legally speaking, a premises owner is not necessarily responsible for every customer who is injured, but there may be liability if there… Read More »

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How Do I Prove a Slip-and-Fall Injury?

By John Willis |

One of the most common types of personal injury claims is the “slip-and-fall” accident. These are actually known as premises liability claims. The basic idea is that a property owner can be held liable under Tennessee law if they fail to repair a known dangerous condition on the premises. For example, if the manager… Read More »

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Can I Sue the City for Hazardous Conditions on Public Property?

By Brad Burnette |

When private property owners fail to correct a known dangerous or hazardous condition on their premises, they may be liable for any personal injury sustained by an innocent third party. A similar rule applies in Tennessee to property owned by state and local government agencies. While the government is normally immune from personal injury… Read More »

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