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Tag Archives: Tennessee Workers Compensation


Can I Collect Workers’ Compensation If I Become Addicted to Pain Medication?

By Brad Burnette |

Opioid addiction has become a major public health problem in Tennessee. According to the Knox County District Attorney’s office, there were 237 deaths attributed to opioid overdose in 2016, a significant increase from 170 fatalities in 2015. Most opioid deaths are the result of abusing prescription painkillers such as hydrocodone or oxycodone. Tragically, some… Read More »

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Can I Sue My Employer If I Am Exposed to Dangerous Chemicals at Work?

By John Willis |

Many Tennessee workers are exposed to hazardous working conditions, such as toxic exposure to dangerous chemicals, and develop significant medical problems as a result. Such workers may be entitled to workers’ compensation or civil damages through a personal injury lawsuit. A key to collecting damages, however, is proving that an employee’s injuries were actually… Read More »

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