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Tag Archives: Tennessee Auto Accident Lawsuit


Am I Insured If I Am in an Accident Driving My Employer’s Truck?

By John Willis |

Dealing with insurance companies can be maddening, especially after you have been in a car accident and seek to recover benefits under your policy. Insurance contracts are carefully drafted to minimize the insurance company’s liability. This means that even if you think you should be covered, the policy (and the law) may state otherwise…. Read More »

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Is My Employer Responsible If I Drive Home Drunk and Get Into an Accident?

By John Willis |

In Tennessee law, a person may be held liable for negligent entrustment if they entrust a vehicle to someone who subsequently causes a car accident and injures a third party. For example, if you loan someone your car knowing that person is intoxicated, and that person goes on to injure someone in a DUI… Read More »

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What Is the Deadline for Filing a Lawsuit Following a Car Accident?

By Brad Burnette |

If you are seriously injured in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, you will understandably want to hold the responsible parties liable. In some cases it may not be immediately apparent who all of these responsible parties are, which can present difficulties when filing a personal injury lawsuit. Tennessee law imposes strict… Read More »

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