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Tag Archives: Knoxville Premises Liability Lawyer


When Does a Store Owe a Customer a “Duty of Care”?

By John Willis |

In any kind of personal injury case based on negligence, a plaintiff must first prove the defendant owed him or her a “duty of care.” In the context of a car accident, for example, a driver has a duty of care to operate their vehicle in a safe manner. And with respect to premises… Read More »

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Store Faces Trial After Woman Slips on “Applesauce Puddle”

By Brad Burnette |

Slip and fall accidents frequently occur in busy stores. While retailers may not be immediately aware of every spill that occurs on their premises, they should train their employees to identify a potential hazard to customers and take appropriate action. Even if a store has such policies, but the employees fail to follow them,… Read More »

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Is a Homeowner Responsible for a Deck Collapse?

By John Willis |

An outside deck is a great place to relax with friends. But if a deck is poorly constructed, or the homeowner fails to keep it in a safe condition, the results can be tragic. A deck collapse may instantly injury or kill dozens of people. When that happens, the victims may pursue a personal… Read More »

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