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Tag Archives: Knoxville Nursing Home Accident Attorneys


U.S. Supreme Court Enforces Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements Signed Under a Power of Attorney

By Brad Burnette |

Back in elementary school you probably learned that the Constitution guarantees your right to a jury trial in any civil lawsuit. This is true, but there’s an important caveat: a person can waive their right to a jury trial by agreeing to arbitration. Also called “alternative dispute resolution,” arbitration involves submitting a dispute to… Read More »

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Justice Department Sues Bankrupt Tennessee Nursing Home Operator for Fraud

By Brad Burnette |

Too many elderly Tennessee residents are victims of nursing home abuse. While the majority of nursing homes provide quality care, an increasing number have come under scrutiny for negligence, malpractice, and outright abuse of residents. In recent years state and federal authorities have started to take the problem of nursing home abuse seriously, leading… Read More »

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