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Tag Archives: Failure to Warn


Louisiana Judge Allows Plaintiff to Pursue “Failure to Warn” Claim Against Hernia Mesh Manufacturer

By Brad Burnette |

Patients who are injured by a defective medical device may have multiple grounds for seeking damages against the negligent manufacturer. For example, there may have been a defect in the production of the specific device you received, or there may be a more general flaw in the overall design. Your doctor may also not… Read More »

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Do Talcum Powder Manufacturers Have a “Duty to Warn” Women About Ovarian Cancer Risks?

By John Willis |

For several decades scientists have been researching the link between women’s use of talcum powder and ovarian cancer. While government regulatory agencies have yet to declare such a link exists, that has not prevented juries in states like South Dakota and Missouri from holding the manufacturers of talcum powder—notably Johnson & Johnson, the world’s… Read More »

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Tennessee Judge Says Contractor Not Liable for Defect in Army Helicopter

By John Willis |

Product liability is usually associated with events like car accidents, where a defect in the manufacturer’s design either causes or aggravates a victim’s injuries. But what about cases where a person is injured while operating a vehicle designed and manufactured for the government? A recent decision by a federal judge in Tennessee addressed such… Read More »

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