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Tag Archives: Emotional Distress

Does the State Have a Duty to Inform You of Your Child’s Death?

By John Willis |

Every parent fears getting a call from law enforcement or another government official informing them of their child’s death. But what happens when a parent never gets that call and spends years wondering what happened to their son or daughter? A recent Tennessee personal injury lawsuit addressed this sad question. Father Learns of Daughter’s… Read More »

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Does a Family’s Grief Constitute “Emotional Distress”?

By Brad Burnette |

Losing a parent or loved one is a traumatic experience. This trauma may be exacerbated by the negligent conduct of others. In such cases the family may have cause to bring a personal injury claim against the negligent party. Crematorium Faces Civil Trial for Unauthorized Cremation A federal judge in Tennessee recently addressed an… Read More »

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