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Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer
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Tag Archives: Clinton Premises Liability Lawyer

How Comparative Fault Affects Your Personal Injury Claim

By Brad Burnette |

Tennessee applies a comparative fault rule in personal injury cases. This means that if the plaintiff is “at least 50 percent” at fault for the underlying accident or injury, the defendant is not liable for any damages. Determining a plaintiff’s fault is therefore a key issue in many personal injury lawsuits. Cabin Owner May… Read More »

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Can I Sue the City for Hazardous Conditions on Public Property?

By Brad Burnette |

When private property owners fail to correct a known dangerous or hazardous condition on their premises, they may be liable for any personal injury sustained by an innocent third party. A similar rule applies in Tennessee to property owned by state and local government agencies. While the government is normally immune from personal injury… Read More »

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When Is a Tennessee Business Liable for the Death of an Independent Contractor

By John Willis |

Every Tennessee business owner owes a basic “duty of care” to individuals they invite onto their property. This includes not only customers but also independent contractors performed to work on the premises. But that does not automatically mean a business owner is liable for every personal injury that occurs on their property. Tennessee Court… Read More »

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