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Tag Archives: Car Accident Liability


Do You Know Who Actually Caused Your Car Accident?

By Brad Burnette |

It is important to conduct a proper investigation following a car accident to ascertain all of the parties that may be legally responsible. This can be especially difficult if there are multiple vehicles and drivers involved, or if the at-fault driver left the scene before they could be questioned. In some cases, it may… Read More »

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Are First Responders Liable for Failing to Save a Car Accident Victim?

By Brad Burnette |

A car accident can inflict serious, life-threatening trauma on the body. That is why it is imperative to receive timely medical care following any accident. Any delay in treatment may prove fatal. Private Company Sued After Failing to Remove Teenager From Wreckage We typically think of car accident lawsuits in terms of “who caused… Read More »

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