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Tag Archives: Auto Insurance


How Does a “Household Exclusion” in My Car Insurance Policy Work?

By John Willis |

Many Tennessee auto insurance policies contain language known as a “household exclusion” or “family exclusion.” The purpose of such language is to prevent a person from seeking insurance benefits following a car accident caused by another household or family member. In theory, this prevents “collusion” among family members who might seek double-recovery under two… Read More »

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When Am I Entitled to Uninsured Motorist Benefits Following an Accident?

By John Willis |

Uninsured motorist coverage provides benefits if you are injured in a car accident with another at-fault driver who lacks sufficient insurance. Most states, including Tennessee, require automobile insurance companies to offer a certain level of uninsured motorist coverage. But there are still many cases where the scope of uninsured motorist coverage may be unclear,… Read More »

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