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Speedway accident kills 1

Tennessee residents probably have not heard about the fatal accident that took place at the Walt Disney World Speedway in Florida on April 12. A motor vehicle accident that occurred on one of the courses at the Exotic Driving Experience killed one person while another was injured.

A 24-year-old driver, who is from Kissimmee, reportedly hit a guard rail after losing control of a Lamborghini when trying to navigate a curve, and a 36-year-old male passenger, who was from Davenport, died at the scene even though both men were wearing seat belts. The passenger worked as the manager for the Exotic Driving Experience and the Richard Petty Driving Experience and was employed by the Speedway since 2001. The driver received treatment for minor injuries at Celebration Hospital and was later released.

Representatives from Walt Disney World and Petty Holdings LLC both expressed sympathy for those involved in the crash, and Petty Holdings runs the Speedway on Disney property as well as similar attractions in Texas, Kansas, New Jersey and other locations. Events at the speedway in Florida involve taking performance cars or NASCAR vehicles around the track at high speeds, and the Speedway is supposed to close on June 28 for transportation improvements.

When some accidents occur, multiple parties may share responsibly. First, a negligent driver could be liable for any expenses an injured person incurs related to a wreck. Additionally, a company might also be liable in some instances involving a commercial vehicle or driver. For example, trucking companies could be named in a personal injury suit when a truck driver causes an accident while on the job.

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