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Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer
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Settling a trucking accident claim

Tennessee residents who have been injured in a trucking accident may wish to learn more about the procedure for settling a resulting personal injury claim. Settling a claim is often pursued as an alternative or adjunct to a personal injury lawsuit. The settlement talks and civil case may be held concurrently, but the plaintiff does relinquish any rights to receive any award from a final judgment once a resolution outside of court has been reached.

Injury victims may choose a settlement agreement because it is less expensive than the costs associated with a formal trial. Negotiations, arbitration and mediation are alternative dispute resolutions used to reach settlement agreements. In most cases, an arbitration decision is legally binding. In contrast, mediation and negotiations may not be. Injured victims involved in an alternative dispute resolution usually attempt to recover compensation for their resulting damages. Many people prefer ADR because of the confidentiality these strategies can provide.

Choosing to work towards a settlement may also be less stressful than taking someone to court. All of the parties involved in the trucking accident may benefit by receiving assistance from a trained professional who is objective and has experience settling disputes within in the industry. The victim injured in the trucking accident may be entitled to receive either a structured settlement or a lump-sum payment as compensation.

People injured in a trucking accident may benefit from consulting a lawyer. Legal counsel can investigate the police investigation report and other evidence to determine if the truck driver was negligent, such as driving while distracted or impaired. The plaintiff may be able to obtain damages that may compensate for loss of income, medical expenses, repair costs and other losses resulting from the accident.

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