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Reducing the risk of serious injury in a car accident

Tennessee residents are likely aware that thousands of people are killed or seriously injured in motor vehicle collisions each year. Some of these accidents are unavoidable, but many others could be prevented if the drivers involved had been more vigilant and operated their vehicles in a manner appropriate to road conditions. The occupants of vehicles involved in a collision could also reduce their risks of suffering a serious injury by wearing safety belts and remaining alert.

While using seat belts may not guarantee occupant safety in all situations, these restraints have been shown to significantly reduce some of the most common car accident injuries. Contact with a vehicle window or windshield accounts for the majority of head and face injuries in a car crash, and the chances of this type of incident are greatly diminished when seat belts are worn. The use of safety restraints lowers the risk of vehicle occupants being thrown around in a crash, and they also reduce the likelihood of whiplash injuries.

Traumatic brain injuries are a major concern for the emergency medical personnel who respond to car accident scenes. These injuries can be life-changing, but studies show that front and side impact air bags combined with seat belts can reduce the risks of brain damage considerably. Vehicle occupants can also reduce their chances of serious injury by sitting upright and using their arms to protect their head and face.

Victims of car accidents often face serious financial challenges as they recover from their injuries. Many are unable to work for prolonged periods, and those with physically demanding jobs may be forced to seek alternative employment. A personal injury attorney may seek civil remedies for those injured in an automobile accident caused by a negligent driver. This kind of legal action could seek compensation for a victim’s medical bills, property damage and lost income.

Source: Cars Direct, “Most Common Preventable Injuries that Happen in a Car Crash,” Jan. 27, 2012

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