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Potential hazards of riding a motorcycle

A Tennessee motorcyclist typically has more worries than other motorists while on the road. First, a motorcyclist does not have any barriers between his or her bike and the ground. Second, those on a motorcycle may be hard to spot by other motorists. This can increase the risk of an accident between a motorcycle and a car or truck.

Since 1999, the fatality rate for drivers of cars and light trucks has fallen slightly. However, the fatality rate for motorcyclists has doubled in that same time period. Those who are on a motorcycle are 26 times more likely to be killed in an accident and five times more likely to be injured in a crash compared to those in a motor vehicle. In the majority of crashes involving motorcycles and cars, the driver of the car violated the motorcycle’s right-of-way.

In addition to interactions with motor vehicles, a motorcycle may be at risk of crashing on poor road conditions. Excess gravel or other debris, an oil slick or a pothole may be nothing of note for a car. However, it could spell disaster for a motorcycle and the person riding it. At high speeds, it is possible for a motorcycle to wobble and become unstable.

Those who are injured while riding a motorcycle may wish to consult a personal injury attorney. If injuries are sustained in a crash with another vehicle, it may be possible to take legal action against the driver of the other vehicle. Either at trial or through a settlement, the motorcycle rider may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and long-term care costs stemming from the auto accident. Compensation may also be awarded in the form of punitive damages depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident.

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