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Fatal Tennessee auto accident also leaves 2 others injured

A three-car crash has killed one man and caused two other drivers to require hospital treatment. The multiple-vehicle auto accident has resulted in the death of the driver that police believe may have caused the wreck. The fatal accident occurred during the busy morning commute on a recent morning in Tennessee.

Police reports have stated that the accident was caused when a vehicle that was being driven in the southern lane of a two-way highway veered over into the opposing lane. The car then impacted two other vehicles in that travel lane. According to authorities, all of the victims had to be freed from their cars by emergency personnel.

None of the drivers were transporting other passengers. One of the injured drivers had to be transferred to a second medical facility in order to receive the care needed for the injuries sustained. The severity of the surviving victims’ injuries has not been released by police or medical staff.

While the Tennessee authorities continue to investigate the cause of the auto accident, the surviving victims may have a long and difficult recovery ahead of them. Not only could there be possibly months of healing and rehabilitation to follow in the aftermath of this terrible accident, there may be tremendous financial hardships to bear as well. While the driver believed to have caused the wreck has died as a result of his injuries, the victims and their loved ones may consider seeking information concerning the possibility of filing a personal injury civil suit against his estate. Such an action may allow the victims to find some relief for the monetary burdens that this accident may have caused them in addition to their physical pain and suffering.

Source: timesfreepress.com, Update: Etowah man identified as having died in Bradley County crash, No author, Mar. 13, 2014

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