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Destruction of Workers’ Comp Continues

Here at Fox, Farley, Willis & Burnette, we’ve blogged about, written articles in local newspapers and magazines about, and talked to anybody we can about the continuing efforts of big business, insurance companies a and the leaders of our state government to dismantle the safety net for workers injured on the job.  Tennessee, however, is not alone in this.  Please read the article from Pro Publica and National Public Radio entitled “The Demolition of Workers Comp”  .  It does a great job of describing the crisis throughout this country of businesses and insurance companies throwing out injured workers and sending them into poverty, causing them to lose their homes, cars, sometimes their children.  This is a must read.

Injuries at work don’t have to ruin lives, but our workers comp system is making sure it happens.   If you care about this issue, please call your legislator and tell them to stop! 

In July, 2014, Tennessee enacted the most far-reaching change to workers’ compensation law in decades amidst cries that the system was bankrupting employers and insurance companies alike.  This was, of course, a complete fabrication.  The fact is, the cost of workers’ comp insurance premiums had actually dropped more than 54% in the preceding two decades.  There was no crisis.  It was a pure money grab by big business and the insurance industry.  

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