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Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyers > Clinton Personal Injury Lawyer > Clinton Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Clinton Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Providing Experienced Legal Assistance to Clinton Workers Injured on the Job

When you get injured on the job or fall seriously ill because of the work you do, you deserve to be treated fairly and to be adequately compensated for your damages. These damages include medical costs and wage replacement, which can be paid to you virtually immediately following an injury if you decide to work with an experienced lawyer. For more information regarding the professional legal services that we provide, call Fox Willis Burnette, PLLC today to schedule a free consultation with one of our Clinton workers’ compensation lawyers.

Occupational Injuries in Tennessee

Unfortunately, Tennessee is tied for the fifth most dangerous state to work in, according to Time Magazine. However, if you were injured, there is some good news. Workplace injuries and illnesses are not treated like personal injury claims or lawsuits, where it is up to you to prove negligence upon the at-fault party. Workers’ compensation is no-fault insurance, and can be awarded relatively quickly, depending on your circumstances and compared to the length of time that it would require to win a lawsuit or receive a personal injury settlement. Yet, receiving workers’ compensation, and receiving the amount that you deserve, can be difficult or even impossible without the help of an attorney.

What can an Attorney do for You?

Whether your employer is big or small, their insurance company is likely filled with lawyers, insurance adjusters, and other individuals that all answer to the company’s shareholders, not to you, the injured worker. This means that your employer’s insurance provider, and likely your employer, will put up a big fight in order to deny your injury claim. They may say that you did not fill out the claim correctly, that your injury was not caused at work, that your injury is not as substantial as you say it is, or even that you are faking the injury altogether. There are no bounds to where your employer and insurer will go to deny your claim or to short change you, all in an effort to boost profit. Our attorneys are experienced at handling these types of matters, and will not give in or settle for subpar medical care or a wage replacement offer that is insufficient.

Reporting Your Injury

You should report your injury or illness to your employer as soon as possible. They will have one working day to submit this information to their insurance carrier, after which there will be a maximum of 15 days for a decision to be made regarding your claim, according to the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development. If you claim has been denied, call a lawyer at once.

Contact a Clinton Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Today

If you were injured, regardless of the severity, and you require time off work or medical care, you deserve no-fault workers’ compensation benefits. Call the experienced Clinton workers’ compensation lawyers of Fox Willis Burnette, PLLC today for more information about how to receive free medical care and wage replacement benefits.

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