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Uninsured motorist accused of causing fatal crash in Tennessee

A fatal car accident, no matter the circumstances, is a horrifying occurrence. When the person who caused the accident doesn’t have insurance, it can add a devastating financial layer to an already emotional situation. Recently, in Tennessee, a woman stands accused of causing a head-on collision due to her actions. An uninsured motorist like her may cause the loved ones left behind even more anguish as they try to cope with their loss.

The crash happened late at night when the SUV of the accused woman broke down. Her lights were off, and another car rear-ended her. This caused that car to veer into the opposite lane where it struck another vehicle head on. The drivers of those two vehicles both died after being rushed to an area hospital, and passengers in both vehicles were injured and treated. The uninsured woman who drove the SUV was not injured and it is uncertain whether she was with the vehicle when the crash took place.

Police have not yet said whether the uninsured woman is at fault for the collision. If it is determined that she caused the crash, she could face criminal charges as well as litigation by the survivors or the families of the victims. Many factors will contribute to the decision of the authorities, and a thorough investigation will be conducted before any concrete findings are released to the public.

When a car accident like this occurs, normally in Tennessee, insurance for the motorist who caused it may cover many of the expenses that would be incurred. In the case of the woman accused of this crash, the fact that she doesn’t have insurance would add a financial burden to the survivors of the accident and to the loved ones who must cover the expenses related to the deaths of the others. If the uninsured motorist is found liable for this accident, she will possibly be responsible for financial restitution to all parties. Such payment could be used to cover unpaid medical bills, funeral costs and other expenses incurred. No amount of money will undo what has been done, but it may help the families on their road to recovery.

Source: wate.com, Family member remembers victim from Knox Christmas night crash, Alexis Zotos, Dec. 26, 2013

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