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Understanding whiplash injuries

Motorists in Tennessee may benefit from learning more about the whiplash injuries that may result from car accidents. Whiplash is a fairly common occurrence in collisions that involve a sudden acceleration or deceleration. Many whiplash injuries happen as a result of a stationary vehicle being rear-ended. Whiplash injuries are often mistreated or ignored due to the victim’s lack of understanding. Patients who do not receive the proper treatment might suffer from issues associated with anxiety and depression.

Whiplash occurs when external forces move the head forward and backward rapidly and unrestrainedly. The forceful motions can hyperextend the head and neck when moving backward and then hyperflex the two when moving forward. The injury affects soft tissues and bone structure, and if untreated, it may cause associated disorders that are chronic and more severe.

People rarely die from whiplash, but it may cause some injury victims to become partially disabled. Chronic symptoms from a whiplash injury may persist for several years after the incident occurs. The hypeflexed and hyperextended positions may cause the cervical spine to from an abnormal S-shape. Some of the expenses typically attributed to whiplash injuries include litigation, lost productivity, sick leave, disability and medical care.

People who suffer a whiplash injury caused by someone else may benefit from consulting legal counsel. Lawyers may be able to help injury victims recover restitution that can help account for medical expenses, repair costs and loss of income caused by the injury. In order to obtain compensation, plaintiffs in these cases may be required to prove that the defendant is culpable for causing the auto accident.

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