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Things You Can Do to Help Win (or Better Your Chances of Winning) Your Case


Can you win your case, by yourself? Probably not; a good personal injury attorney knows how to get the best settlement, or win your case at trial, and you alone, without an attorney, are no match for the other side, which likely will have a team of lawyers at their side.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do things that can help your attorney win your case.

We’re not talking about doing any complex investigation, or analyzing case law. We’re talking about doing common sense things—or avoiding common sense things—that can make your injury attorney’s job easier, which means a quicker, better resolution for you.

Keep Your Attorney Updated

Despite what you may hear on TV or from your friends, a good personal injury attorney does want to hear from you.

As time goes on, things in your life, related to your life, will change. Maybe you’ll change doctors. Maybe you won’t be able to continue doing your job because of your injury. Maybe the doctor will put you on different medicines.

Don’t be a stranger; stay in touch with your attorney’s office and let them know what is going on in your life related to your accident. You never know when something that you say that you see as “not a big deal,” may mean a lot to your attorney or to your case.

Don’t Trash Anything Important

Evidence is everywhere. It can include pictures or videos you have taken of the accident, the clothes you were wearing in your accident, the product that injured you, or the damages to your vehicle.

Don’t ever fix, repair, destroy, or alter, anything that could be evidence. Your attorney can help you determine what you can and cannot alter or discard, but before you just “throw out those old clothes,” or fix that car airbag—run that idea by your attorney first.

Listen to the Doctors – And Get Medical Help

Certainly, you have a say over your own medical decisions; just because your doctor says to get a medical procedure or diagnostic test, doesn’t mean that you have lost all personal choice in your own medical treatment and must follow doctors orders blindly.

But some things are just common sense. If you’re really injured and the doctor says you need therapy, and you don’t get any therapy, it will hurt your case. If the doctor wants to see if you have damaged ligaments and orders an MRI, and you don’t get the MRI, it can hurt your case (as well as your medical recovery and your health, of course).

And whether you are going to follow what the doctor says or not—go to the doctor. If she says to follow up in a month, do it. Don’t ignore your health-it will hurt you, and make it appear as if you aren’t as injured as you really may be.

Call the Knoxville personal injury attorneys at Fox Farley Willis & Burnette, PLLC, today to see how we can help you with your injury case.



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