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Tennessee police chief hurt in rear-end auto accident

A Tennessee police chief was hurt in a car accident and hospitalized. The accident occurred at approximately 6 a.m. as the 57-year-old man waited for a traffic light to change. He was driving a Cadillac and heading to breakfast when a 68-year-old woman in a Kia Sorrento crashed into his car from behind. After the collision, his vehicle was sent into the intersection and crashed into a light pole.

In the accident investigation, it isn’t believed there was any substance use in play with the driver of the Kia. The police chief’s headlights were on, but it’s not known if the other driver’s were. That morning, there was a significant amount of fog in the area. The police chief was placed in intensive care in the hospital with a spinal cord injury. He underwent surgery later than evening. The driver of the car that rear-ended him was also taken to the hospital and released.

When visited in the hospital as he recovers from this auto accident, the police chief was said to be looking well and preparing for physical therapy. He remembers little of the crash other than seeing the vehicle coming toward him in his rear-view mirror.

Any car collision can lead to serious injury. This is especially true when it is a rear-end accident. With a spinal cord injury such as that which the police chief suffered in this incident, there is likely to be a long recovery process, extensive rehabilitation, hefty medical costs and perhaps a problem returning to work. In fact, a person with spinal cord injuries might need to be cared for 24/7. Given the potential issues that can arise, seeking compensation through litigation can be a key part of the recovery process.

Source: Marshall County Tribune, “Chief Chuck Forbis hospitalized following car accident,” Icory Riner, April 22, 2015

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