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Tennessee auto accident causes 1 fatality, seriously injures 3

In a split second, a car crash can happen that may change lives forever. Even if survivors recover from their physical injuries, they may suffer from emotional trauma for a long time. A serious auto accident in Tennessee on Dec. 28 resulted in the death of one woman and serious injury to three others. Now family and friends are mourning the loss of the decedent as the survivors face a period of recovery.

The accident occurred in Blount County near the intersection of Endsley Quarry Road and Lamar Alexander Parkway. According to reports, a 47-year-old woman from out of state was heading west on Lamar Alexander Parkway with two teenage girls in her vehicle. Suddenly, a van turned left from Endsley Quarry Road directly into her path. Both vehicles came to rest in the median.

The van’s driver, a 73-year-old woman, died from her injuries at the scene. All three occupants of the other vehicle were injured. The driver and one of the teenagers had to be taken by helicopter to the University of Tennessee Medical Center. The other teenage girl was transported by ambulance to the same hospital. They were injured seriously, but the nature and extent of their injuries was not reported.

Authorities in Blount County continue to investigate the crash. As the survivors begin the recovery process, they may wish to learn more about their legal options. In Tennessee, they may be able to pursue a personal injury suit against the decedent’s estate in an attempt to recover compensation for medical expenses and other damages related to the auto accident. If successful, the monetary award they receive may help give them some peace of mind as they focus on returning to health.

Source: The Daily Times, Maryville Woman Killed In West Lamar Alexander Parkway Crash, No author, Dec. 28, 2013

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