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Tag Archives: Tennessee Wrongful Death Lawsuit


Court of Appeals Upholds $7M Wrongful Death Judgment in 2011 Murder Case

By Brad Burnette |

Personal injury claims normally involve negligent acts. That is to say, the defendant did not intend to injure the victim. Instead, the defendant was merely reckless or careless in performing some duty owed to the victim. But there are also personal injury lawsuits based on intentional or criminal misconduct. The fact that a defendant… Read More »

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TN Supreme Court Revives Wrongful Death Lawsuit

By Brad Burnette |

In May 2016 we discussed an unfortunate ruling by the Tennessee Court of Appeals, which overturned a jury verdict. The victim’s husband had initially filed his complaint against the defendants without the assistance of a qualified personal injury attorney. Although he later obtained counsel, it was not until after the one-year statute of limitations… Read More »

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Who Has the Right to File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

By John Willis |

In most personal injury lawsuits, the plaintiff is the person who suffered an injury due to the defendant’s negligence. Sadly, there are cases where the victim died because of the defendant’s actions. When this occurs the right to sue for “wrongful death” passes under Tennessee law to the victim’s surviving spouse or next of… Read More »

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