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Tag Archives: Tennessee Premises Liability Attorney


Can a Tennessee Building Owner Blame for an Accident on Their Property?

By Fox Farley Willis & Burnette |

People often think of premises liability cases in terms of businesses and their customers. For instance, if someone is shopping at the supermarket and slips on a puddle of water in the middle of an aisle, the store owner may be held liable for any injuries. But anyone who is lawfully invited onto a… Read More »

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Is a Building Owner Liable if a Construction Subcontractor Is Injured?

By Brad Burnette |

In Tennessee, property owners are generally liable if they fail to “exercise reasonable care” to prevent personal injury to individuals who are lawfully on the premises. This includes any people who are performing contracted work on the property. Indeed, Tennessee law expressly guarantees employees of independent contractors working on the premises the right to… Read More »

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