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Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer
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Tag Archives: Tennessee Injury Attorneys

Exculpatory Agreements Often Protect Negligent Business Owners

By John Willis |

Many business owners try to avoid liability for negligence and personal injury by demanding their customers sign exculpatory agreements. Such an agreement releases the business owner from any liability for injuries or damages sustained on its premises. While there are some cases where Tennessee courts will not enforce such exculpatory clauses, they are generally… Read More »

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Does the State Have a Duty to Inform You of Your Child’s Death?

By John Willis |

Every parent fears getting a call from law enforcement or another government official informing them of their child’s death. But what happens when a parent never gets that call and spends years wondering what happened to their son or daughter? A recent Tennessee personal injury lawsuit addressed this sad question. Father Learns of Daughter’s… Read More »

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