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Tag Archives: OSHA

What Happens When Tennessee Employers Ignore Safety Rules?

By John Willis |

Workplace safety is a serious matter. Yet too many Tennessee employers treat federal and state safety regulations as optional. As a result, thousands of completely preventable accidents occur every year, leading to worker injuries. ‘Lax Approach to Supervision” Led to Tennessee Bridge Accident For example, a federal appeals court recently upheld a U.S. Department… Read More »

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Should Company Executives Be Criminally Liable for Employee Deaths?

By Brad Burnette |

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 4,821 employees throughout the United States died on the job in 2014. Thousands more suffered serious injuries in the course of their employment. While many of us tend to write these statistics off as simple “accidents,” the truth is that many employers are negligent with… Read More »

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