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Tag Archives: Liability Waiver


Can I Waive My Child’s Right to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

By Brad Burnette |

You can probably think of many times when a business has asked you to sign a “release” as a condition of receiving a service. Such releases are waivers of liability designed to protect the business, not you, in case something goes wrong. A release often includes a long list of terms and conditions designed… Read More »

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Is It Safe to Take My Child to a Tennessee Indoor Trampoline Park?

By John Willis |

In a famous episode of the long-running comedy series “The Simpsons,” Homer Simpson acquires a used trampoline and proceeds to charge neighborhood kids admission to jump on it. Homer’s quick financial windfall turns ugly, however, as scores of children are injured on the unsafe trampoline and are eventually seen strewn about the Simpsons’ lawn… Read More »

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Exculpatory Agreements Often Protect Negligent Business Owners

By John Willis |

Many business owners try to avoid liability for negligence and personal injury by demanding their customers sign exculpatory agreements. Such an agreement releases the business owner from any liability for injuries or damages sustained on its premises. While there are some cases where Tennessee courts will not enforce such exculpatory clauses, they are generally… Read More »

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