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Tag Archives: Knoxville Child Injuries

When Is a Parent or Guardian Liable for a Child’s Accident?

By John Willis |

As a parent, you naturally worry your child may be hurt in a motor vehicle accident. And when such accidents do occur, you naturally want to hold someone responsible. However, Tennessee law often frustrates parental anger, especially when it comes to negligence and motor vehicles. Step-Grandmother Not Responsible for Teenager’s ATV Accident The Tennessee… Read More »

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Tennessee Court Says Noncustodial Parents May Have Right to Sue on Children’s Behalf

By John Willis |

Every parent fears their child getting hurt in an accident. And when you believe someone else is to blame for your child’s injuries, you naturally want to hold the responsible parties accountable. But sometimes the law presents complications, such as when two parents disagree on whether to proceed with a potential civil lawsuit. A… Read More »

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