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Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer
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Tag Archives: Clinton and Knoxville Personal Injury Attorneys


What Happens If the Jury Thinks I’m Equally to Blame in My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

By John Willis |

In personal injury lawsuits, the defendant will often try and shift the blame to the plaintiff. For example, if there is an accident involving two cars, the defendant driver may attempt to argue it was the plaintiff who was actually driving recklessly. Or even if the defendant admits doing something wrong, he may still… Read More »

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The Challenges of Bringing a Personal Injury Claim When You Do Not Have All the Facts

By Brad Burnette |

Commercial truck accidents are often the scariest type of motor vehicle crash. When a tractor-trailer crashes it may roll over, causing damage to other multiple other vehicles. Given the dangers that these vehicles pose, it is important that drivers operate them in a safe and legal manner. Tennessee Court Reinstates Tractor Trailer Accident Lawsuit… Read More »

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Am I Still Liable for a Car Loan if My Vehicle Is Totaled?

By Brad Burnette |

If your car is damaged due to someone else’s negligence, you can seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. In Tennessee, damages are measured based on whether or not the car is capable of repair. If the car can be returned to use, the plaintiff may seek damages equal to the cost of restoration… Read More »

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