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Tag Archives: Child Injury Liability


What Happens If I Agree to a Personal Injury Settlement On Behalf of My Child?

By Brad Burnette |

Contrary to what you might think, the vast majority of personal injury cases in Tennessee do not go to trial. Most claims arising from car accidents and other negligent acts are resolved by voluntary settlement between the parties. Generally, it is up to the victim–and their personal injury lawyer–to ensure the settlement is fair… Read More »

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Tennessee Court Says School Officials Are Not “Insurers” of Student Safety

By Brad Burnette |

In a typical personal injury or premises liability case, a property owner can be held responsible for injuries caused to third parties due to negligence. Unfortunately, Tennessee courts tend to hold public schools to much lower standards. In fact, a school district may be absolved of any liability even when one student sexually assaults… Read More »

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When Is a Child Legally Responsible for His Injuries?

By John Willis |

In any personal injury lawsuit, the defendant may attempt to shift blame to the plaintiff by presenting evidence of the latter’s “comparative negligence.” But what if the plaintiff is a minor? How do Tennessee courts assess the comparative negligence of a child? Applying the “Rule of Sevens” The answer is a legal principle known… Read More »

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