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Tag Archives: Car Insurance

Is There a Difference Between Personal and Property Injuries?

By Brad Burnette |

A car accident often involves more than one type of injury. There are the personal injuries suffered by the victim, who may seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, etc. Then there are injuries to property, i.e. the damage suffered by the victim’s car. While you may look at these damages as part of… Read More »

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Insurance Exclusions May Work to the Detriment of Accident Victims

By Brad Burnette |

Sorting out legal liability following a car accident is often more complicated than you might think. For example, if the vehicle that causes an accident is insured, you might assume the insurance company is automatically responsible for any damages owed to the victims. But insurance policies are contracts, and there are often multiple clauses… Read More »

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Can I Collect Insurance if My Spouse Injures Me in a Car Accident?

By John Willis |

Tennessee law requires all drivers to carry a certain level of insurance coverage. Among other things, such insurance must cover at least $25,000 for “bodily injury” to one person in a car accident, or $50,000 if two are more people suffer such injuries. This only covers injuries sustained by other people, not the insured… Read More »

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