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Several Ford recalls in 1 week

Tennessee residents may be interested in learning more about why multiple Ford vehicles were recalled twice within the same week. Owners of the Lincoln MKZ, Ford Fiesta and Ford Fusion may be affected by a series recalls announced on April 29 and April 24. The 2014 Ford Fusion and ’14 and ’15 Lincoln MKZ were each recalled twice during that period. Ford issued four recalls on April 29. Over one million automobiles were recalled during the week.

The largest recall issued concerns a latch that causes the door to open unexpectedly. The defective latch affected 546,000 2013 to 2014 MKZs and Fusions as well as Fiestas manufactured from 2011 to 2014. According to Ford, two owners were reportedly stuck by their own car doors bouncing back open. Another Ford owner reported their door swinging open and striking another vehicle that was parking at time.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a public statement warning owners of recalled models about the potential risks of not getting the necessary repairs as soon as possible. Approximately 50,000 vehicles, including the Fiesta Focus and Edge, are being recalled for a defective pump that seizes and makes the car stall while in transit. A defective steering gear motor resulted in 546,000 2013 to 2015 MKZs and Fusions being recalled due to a loss in power steering.

People who suffer injuries caused by defective products typically benefit from consulting a lawyer. Obtaining legal counsel may be an injured victim’s best opportunity at obtaining adequate compensation for the ensuing damages. Plaintiffs in these cases are often awarded restitution designed to account for vehicle repairs, medical expenses and any loss of income that resulted from the defect. The amount of restitution granted to the plaintiff typically depends on the severity of the injuries and preponderance of evidence gathered by legal counsel.

Source: CNN, “2014 Ford Fusion recalled two times in a week,” April 30, 2015

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