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Person Injured After Vehicle Drives Through Knoxville Burger King


Knoxville, TN (September 20, 2020) One person in South Knoxville was injured on September 20th after a truck drove througha Burger King. The Seymour Volunteer Fire Department reports that the accident occurred around 5:00 p.m. and that the truck narrowly avoided colliding with the drive-thru window. The extent of the injuries as well as the presence of damage caused by the accident is still uncertain. The cause of the accident has also not yet been determined.

Vehicle into building crashes occur much more than people might think. According to data compiled by the Storefront Safety Council, drivers crash their vehicles into building approximately 60 times a day on average, which results in at least 4,000 injuries each year.

Steps to Reduce the Risk of Vehicle into Building Accidents

Some of the safety strategies that building owners can implement the risk of cars crashing into structures include:

  • Constructing barriers of plants or other items to avoid these accidents
  • Keeping pedestrians separated from moving vehicles
  • Situating parking spaces so they are away from buildings
  • Slowing down vehicle speeds in spots where vehicles travel close to buildings 

Speak with a Knowledgeable Tennessee Car Crash Attorney 

Whether your Tennessee car crash involves personal injuries, fatalities, or just property damage, it can be difficult to decide exactly how to respond after an accident occurs. One of the best first steps you can take is to speak with an experienced lawyer. Contact Fox & and Farley today to schedule a free case evaluation.


Note: This post was written based on available resources, news stories, and online reports about this incident. As is often the case with fast breaking news, there is always the risk that some details are still being shared and uncovered. Please contact us if you notice any information that should be changed or added. Thanks!


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