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Pedestrian Hit by Vehicle on Interstate 75


Bradley County, TN (September 22, 2020) The Tennessee Highway Patrol reports that a pedestrian was injured after he was hit by a car on September 22nd close to the 37 mile marker on Interstate 75 in Bradley County. Law enforcement states that the driver was exiting the interstate and the pedestrian stumbled out of the woodline and entered the vehicle’s path. Further explanation of how the accident occurred as well as the identities of the people involved will be released at a later date.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that pedestrians are 1.5 times more likely than passenger vehicle occupants to be killed in car accidents. An even larger number of pedestrians each year end up seriously injured in car crashes. In 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 137,000 pedestrians received treatment in emergency rooms for injuries caused by car accidents. 

Why Pedestrian Accidents Are Often Serious

There are several reasons why pedestrian accidents often result in serious injuries or fatalities. For one, more people today drive larger vehicles like sports utility vehicles and trucks. When larger vehicles strike pedestrians, they result in more serious injuries and fatalities than smaller vehicles. Also, it is believed that more drivers today have a tendency to speed. When vehicles travel at high rates of speed, fatalities as well as life-changing injuries are a common occurrence because vehicles strike pedestrians with greater force. 

Obtain the Assistance of a Seasoned Accident Attorney                 

Because pedestrians lack protection like motor vehicle drivers and passengers, when vehicles strike pedestrians the results are often devastating. If you are a pedestrian who was involved in an accident caused by another party, you should promptly contact a compassionate attorney who will remain committed to fighting for the results you deserve. Contact Fox, Farley, Willis & Burnette today to schedule a free case evaluation.


Note: This post was written based on available resources, news stories, and online reports about this incident. As is often the case with fast breaking news, there is always the risk that some details are still being shared and uncovered. Please contact us if you notice any information that should be changed or added. Thanks!

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