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Nissan settles lawsuit over brake issue

People in Tennessee who own certain Nissan vehicles may be able to claim some compensation for a brake issue. On Dec. 5, Nissan North America agreed to settle a lawsuit from 2011 by reimbursing Nissan owners up to $800 each. Owners and former owners of certain Nissan models will be allowed to claim between $20 and $800 depending on the mileage reading in their vehicle.

The lawsuit that was settled was reportedly filed over an issue in the affected Nissan vehicles that would cause brakes to suddenly fail. Monetary compensation will be used to reimburse Nissan owners for the expenses that they incurred because of necessary replacements or repairs of the malfunctioning products. About 350,000 vehicles throughout the United States are affected by the settlement.

As part of the settlement, Nissan has also agreed to cover $3.45 million in expenses and legal fees. It is unclear exactly how much Nissan is expected to pay out in total to the various Nissan owners. The recent settlement only covers monetary losses due to repairs and replacements and does not include reimbursement for any physical injuries.

A person who has been involved in an accident after their brakes malfunctioned might want to speak with an attorney. In some cases, an investigation may reveal that the vehicle manufacturer was responsible for the brake issue, which may make that party liable for damages stemming from the incident. An attorney may be able to help an injured driver to claim compensation for their injuries and other damages by filing a products liability claim in civil court.

Source: Reuters, “Nissan settles class lawsuit claiming faulty brakes”, Jessica Dye, December 09, 2014

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