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Nail Salon Injuries And Liability


In 2018, a woman in Florida went into a nail salon for a pedicure. She was cut during the process of having her pedicure, and the cut, coupled with peripheral artery disease, meant that she had limited blood flow to her limbs. She also alleged that the tools used by the salon were infected.

As a result of this “perfect storm,” the woman lost her leg because it had to be amputated. She sued for damages and was awarded over $1 million.

Similarly, in Los Angeles, a woman filed a lawsuit when a pedicure caused an infection that led to the need to amputate her toe to stop the spread of the infection. The woman was diabetic.

Injuries are Common

These aren’t isolated incidents. They happen very often, as we go to nail salons and give little thought about the safety consequences when things go wrong.

We often realize that things in a doctors office, like scalpels or stethoscopes or other devices, need to be cleaned and sterilized and that hazardous waste needs to be disposed of carefully. But when it comes to a nail salon, many people—including the salon itself—may not realize how important these safety measures can be.

Pedicures and manicures are putting sharp, dangerous objects in contact with our skin. When the skin is punctured, even slightly, dirt or bacteria on the tools being used can enter our bloodstream. The infection can spread so fast that amputation is often the only viable treatment.

Salon technicians are supposed to ask about any underlying conditions that you have that could make an otherwise minor injury more serious—but few actually do.

Additionally, many shops will hire technicians that are untrained or completely undertrained.

Injuries Can Quickly Get Worse

Sometimes, you may not even be aware that you have suffered an injury at all—or, you may think that you have suffered just a minor “nick” without being aware that your seemingly small injury is growing into something more serious, like an infection. Some warning signs to look for include:

  • Expanding redness or soreness that spreads outside the area where the initial injury was
  • Pain in the areas around the initial injury
  • Swelling in the digit (toe or finger) where the initial injury occurred

 Safety Precautions to Look For

Some tips to try to minimize the risk of injury when at a nail salon include:

  • Make a visual inspection of the tools being used. Are they cleaned? Orderly? Do they look new? Are they beings sanitized between uses? Don’t be afraid to ask the salon questions about any of these items.
  • Is the staff attentive or are they doing other things (talking on their phones, watching a TV, etc) while they are giving manicures or pedicures?

How are unused supplies being stored? Are they sealed and sanitized or are they laying out haphazardly?

Call the Tennessee personal injury lawyers at Fox Willis Burnette, PLLC today for help if you are injured in a spa, salon, or from any beauty technique such as a manicure or pedicure.




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